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Monday, 18-12-2017,

New Year’s Eve 2017

The police and city authorities guarantee a safe New Year’s Eve. A fire cracker-free area around the Cathedral, video surveillance, more lighting and a greater police presence – read on for an overview of the different measures the police and city authorities are implementing to guarantee a safe New Year’s Eve.

New Year in Cologne: Have a look at the firework over the Rhine - best views and information

The city authorities, the regional and the national police forces have drawn up a comprehensive security plan to guarantee residents and visitors alike a hassle-free night of celebrations on the 31 December.

Greater security – this is the Cologne police force’s objective

Around 1500 public officials will be on duty, including five 100-strong riot police squads. Around 300 police officers will form teams of three and will patrol the area around the Cathedral, the main station, the old town, the Rhine promenade, the Rhine Boulevard, the Rhine Park, the Deutzer Bridge and the Severinsbrücke Bridge. They will be wearing high-visibility jackets and will therefore be easy to spot.

Using the latest video technology – installed on two lampposts on the train station forecourt – live images of the New Year’s Eve festivities will be transmitted to the planning staff at the police headquarters. Mobile cameras will also be set up at further locations. The Cologne police will ensure effective communication through the use of the social media sites Facebook and Twitter; the press office will also be continuously manned so that important information can be quickly communicated.

The national police force’s security plan

The national police will have 800 officers present in train stations and trains in NRW. Alongside uniformed officers, plain clothes police officers and (if needed) special forces will also be deployed.  If necessary, the police can also call upon a helicopter and special purpose vehicles and, if needed, carry out access controls to train stations.

200 new cameras have been installed to improve surveillance of the train platforms and the on-duty officers will be wearing bodycams. Mobile police stations will be set up in the forecourts of the main train station and Deutz station, and these will serve as points of contact for locals and tourists alike.

The city authorities are implementing various measures to guarantee safety

The city authorities will be setting up a “fire cracker-free area” (find out more) around Cologne Cathedral into which no fireworks may be taken. Waist-high barriers and controlled access should ensure that fireworks are not set off around the Cathedral area. In the place of fireworks, a multimedia light show created by the artist Philipp Geist, entitled "Time drifts Cologne", will be broadcast. The multimedia show will be projected for approximately 7 hours, starting at around 5:00pm with nightfall until the clock strikes midnight, welcoming in 2017.

For security reasons, pedestrian access to Hohenzollern Bridge will be blocked, and the flight of steps leading to the Rhine Boulevard will be cordoned off. The city will set up Bengal New Year lights here.

Key areas will be lit thanks to the provision of additional lighting. Some of these key areas include the main station forecourt, Breslauer Platz, the area around the Cathedral, the Rheingarten and Zülpicher Street.

The city authorities will ensure a presence in Cologne’s city centre of around 600 members of the law and traffic services, as well as 250 marshals from private security services. 438 firemen and women as well as members of the emergency medical service will also be on call. The Department for Children, Youth and Family will deploy 20 outreach workers from 6:00pm until 2:00am to support teenagers and young adults looking for help. In addition, a mobile advice centre acting as a contact point for women and girls will be set up on Alter Markt between 9:00pm and 3:00am. The mobile advice centre can be reached on 0049 221/221-27777. The Foreigners’ Office has also set up a special service on its premises. (Photo: imago/Ralph Peters)

More information about the New Year's Eve in Cologne (German)

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