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    The world feels at home in Cologne, where people meet for a Kölsch, a chat or simply a laugh. Life in Cologne is vivacious.

  • Take a trip through 2000 years of history and visit cultural monuments from the Roman Empire to modern times.

  • Cologne provides over 250 hotels with a total capacity of more than 26,000 beds.

  • "Drinking a Kölsch is more than just drinking a beer: it´s like drinking an entire culture." (NYT, 5/07)

  • Enjoy the world-famous traditional Cologne Carnival and several top events throughout the year.

  • Prime location in the heart of Europe and exemplary infrastructure also a multitude of highly specialised modern economy.

  • Cologne’s Schildergasse is the most-visited shopping street in Germany.

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Friday, 25-06-2021,

Cologne Night of Museums

One single ticket, 46 museums – experience art and a lot more! Saturday, 8th November 2014, 7 p.m. till 3 a.m.

On Saturday, November 8th, all art enthusiasts are invited to experience the Cologne Night of Museums. Embarking on a night-time tour, they will be able to discover this important art metropolis in all its facets and be surprised by a wide spectrum of participating locations: After all, Cologne is not only the German city with the greatest number of public museums, but also home to many impressive private collections, cultural institutions, art foundations, artists' residences and archives.

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Grasping all of it in just one night, can that even be done? The Cologne Night of Museums indeed offers a lot: Enjoying world-class e xhibitions at renowned museums, but also getting to know places that were previously only known to locals, visiting artists in their own studios – it’ s all possible. And with over 200 special events offering an exciting mix across all artistic disciplines, it doesn't end there. Through the interplay of the arts, new conte xts and relationships will emerge and let you see everything in a new light. Also, there is no need to stick to just one part of the city: Five shuttle routes ensu re a smooth change of scenery between 46 museums and art spaces.

One night, loads of amazing exhibitions

Watch out culture lovers! This fall a wide array of special shows at Cologne museums compete for your attention. Museum Schnütgen , specialising in medieval art, allows you to witness an awesome event in the truest sense of the word – the arrival of the relics of the three Magi in Cologne exactly 850 years ago. On this occasion, the museum offers an exhibition concentra ting on the myth, art and cult surrounding the Magi.

In Museum Ludwig , meanwhile, things will become “popular, mass-prod uced, expendable, cheap, witty, sexy, playful, conspicuou s, seductive”. It attracts the visitors with the unique opportunity to see parts o f Peter and Irene Ludwig's unmatched collection of American Pop Art that are u sually on display in major museums all over the globe.

And what happens if different artists across the ag es get inspired by the same architectural sites? You will find the answer by vi siting the unconventional show in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum. '' The Cathedral. Romanticism – Impressionism – Modernism” features over 180 works by artists from Caspar David Friedrich to Andy Warhol, all of whom were fascinated by cathedrals a cross Europe.

More than 200 individual events to choose from Apart from intriguing exhibitions, another huge ass et of the Cologne Night of Museums is the programme put on especially for the occasion. The team behind the annual cultural highlight creates individual ev ents – from literature readings to concerts, theatrical and dance shows to performance art – all inspired by the atmosphere and themes of the very museums involved. You will encounter the radio host and public television shooting star Sabi ne Heinrich, for example, reading out of her road novel at the very site she wrote it – the cafeteria at the MAKK Design Museum. Or meet Joe Bausch, an actor in the German cult det ective series Tatort and real-life prison doctor at the NS Documentation Centre . When it comes to music, Simin Tander, German-Afghan jazz qu een and rising star on the international scene, enters the stage at Rautenstrauch-Jost-Museum with her trio and sings in many different languages. The Sweet Va ndals, for their part, travel all the way from Madrid/Spain to bring you some soul an d funk, whereas Toi et Moi perform their genuine French-language chansons and singer/songwriter Mario Nyeky & the Road play their enchanting melodies at the Romano-Germanic Museum . For some comic relief, make sure to direct yourse lf to the Museum of the City of Cologne (Kölnisches Stadtmuseum) , where former Blue Man Group member Uli Grewe invents his own genre by combining loop m achine sounds with comedy. And the list goes on...

15th Birthday Kompakt goes Ludwig

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Cologne Night of Museums, the e ntrance hall of Museum Ludwig will, beat by beat and step by step, be transforme d into a dance club. Living up to the event's title “Kompakt goes Ludwig”, from 9 pm onwards, the world-famous and Cologne-based techno label Kompakt packs four life acts of international renown as well as a DJ s et by Tobias Thomas into one unforgettable birthday bash. Cultural delight all n ight long and dancing until the wee hours of the morning – all is possible during t he Cologne Night of Museums... (Photo: Museumsnacht Köln 2013)

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