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  • "Drinking a Kölsch is more than just drinking a beer: it´s like drinking an entire culture." (NYT, 5/07)

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Friday, 25-06-2021,


Drink the Kölsch in an orign "Brauhaus" (the traditional German pub where the beer is brewed). There, the "Köbes" serves the fantastic ale and he serves one after another if you don't say "no" and put the beer pad on your glass. There are 26 different beer types in Cologne, most of them can be drink in in-house breweries. Here you find the most famous ones.

The brewery near the Cathedral is more than a hundred years old. Once the beer was brewed here but now there are only the pub. Everytime well-frequented, it is probably the most famous brewery of the city. 

Gaffel am Dom
Brewhouse in the middle of Cologne, near the Main Station. The brewhouse and pub all in one "Gaffel am Dom" is located in the “Deichmannhaus” on the northern side of the Cologne cathedral. You can take the main entrance at the “Trankgasse” between station and cathedral or take the side entrance at “Bahnhofsvorplatz”.  Typical brewhouse cuisine and more.

In the Second World War completely destroyed, but reconstructed at the same place, the Sion Brauhaus is located betwenn Cathedral and old city. Sitting outdoor, you can look at the several people and tourists who walk around there.

Brauhaus zur Malzmühle
Since 1858 the "Brauhaus zur Malzmühle" is one of the most popular brewhouse restaurants and also a traditional meeting point for friends of the "Kölsch" culture. Enjoy the local brewhouse cuisine with lots of typical Cologne specialties.

Peters Brauhaus
This one is located in the middle of the old city. During the carnival it is very difficult to get a seat. The atmosphere is everytime good and wonderfol "kölsch".

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