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Monday, 26-07-2021,

Old market christmas

Because of the coronavirus the X-Mas Market in the Old Town is cancelled this year!

Probably the most attractive christmas market is the one on the Alter Markt in front of Cologne´s town hall.

At a glance
25th November – 23rd December 2019
Daily from 11 am - 10 pm
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The house gnomes will be opening their traditional Christmas market in the heart of Cologne’s old town. Just like in years past, the diligent little helpers have been busy getting things ready on Heumarkt and the Alter Market to spread the Christmas spirit in Cologne.

Legend has it that the Heinzelmännchen (house gnomes) performed all sorts of different jobs for the locals of Cologne: they prepared the sausages for the butcher, sewed the clothes for the tailor, and baked the bread for the baker. And so the winding alleys of the “house gnomes Christmas market” are differently themed, just like the guilds of days past. From treats, toys, and items to waken that feeling of nostalgia, through to handicrafts and Christmas products – here you’ll find everything your heart desires.

Christmas market in the heart of the Old Town

The expansion of the Heinzelmännchen market from 1,400m² (15,000ft²) to 5,500m² (almost 60,000ft²) following the completion of the works to the tram lines on the Alter Markt is just one of several changes. Two themed alleys have also been set up: the “Futtergasse” (Feeding Alley) where visitors can buy national and international food specialities, and the “Glitzergasse” (Glitter Alley) where fashion accessories are for sale.

Children in particular, will find here their Christmas paradise. With a nostalgic children’s roundabout, puppet theatre, Santa Claus’ quarter and many toy stands, this Christmas market in the heart of the Altstadt (Old Town) has attracted young and old to Cologne for years.


Photo: Fotografie Joachim Rieger (

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