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Guided tours

The varied programme offered by the Cologne Tourist Board includes exciting and informative tours to suit all tastes, from the experience tour to the art history tour around Cologne's Romanesque churches.

There are daily guided tours of the city in several languages, departing from the Cologne Tourist Board. The "journey through time" by bus that travels through the Rhine metropolis provides an overview of the 2000-year long history and development of the city from a Roman colony to the megacity of today. The bus tour incorporates the main places of interest from all eras.

Brewery Tour Cologne

Another provider of guided city tours invite you to enjoy the walk through the Old Town of Cologne and to discover the different types of beer in the breweries you come along on the way and listen to various stories of living in Cologne. Because Kölsch is not only our light local beer, it is also a language and a way of life. Our local beer tradition is a very specific symbol of Cologne and we would very much like to give you an understanding of it. Find out more information about the brewery tour Cologne

Other tours, for example, show the visitors the remains of the Roman and Medieval city walls, some of the Romanesque churches, the 4711 traditional house and the WDR radio station studios. A further highlight is Cologne's Rhine panorama with its Cathedral and Old Town, which can be seen from the right banks of the Rhine.

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The English-language tour "Highlights of Cologne" runs on Saturdays from April to October and is just one of the many public guided tours available. This journey of discovery on foot takes visitors through the area immediately surrounding the Cathedral and the narrow alleyways of the Old Town. The walk passes by the Romano-Germanic Museum with its famous Dionysus mosaic, the Town Hall, Alter Markt and Groß St. Martin.

For groups there is an extensive selection of tours on offer by the Cologne Tourist Board, available in different languages and to suit different requirements. Besides city sightseeing tours and walks, guided tours of the Cathedral and museum, the Cologne Tourist Board offers an attractive range of topical and alternative guided tours. The "Local Characters, Anecdotes and Specialities" tour portrays the typical endearing side of Cologne, while the "Kölsch Tour" focuses on the local beer and the brewhouse culture.

The excellently trained and experienced tour guides adapt their tours according to the needs of the group - whether they are tourists, members of study groups or high-ranking guests from politics and industry - and between them they hold around 10,000 guided tours each year in more than ten languages.

The Cologne Tourist Board also offers the i-Guide for independent travellers. Visitors can borrow the electronic city guide from the Cologne Tourist Board and follow the 120-minute guided tour through the 47 interesting sites within Cologne's Old Town.

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Bus Sightseeing Tour

Come to know Cologne's most important attractions by bus with KölnTourismus. By coach, you will pass by what remains of the Roman and mediaeval city walls  - you will get an impression of how large the provincial capital Colonia was, how much larger Mediaeval Cologne was, and finally, how the city has spread out since the end of the 19th century.

From the banks of the Rhine in the borough of Deutz, you can enjoy the view of Cologne’s Old Town with the Rheingarten garden in front of the Museum Ludwig complex and the majestic Cathedral - one of the world’s most attractive city panoramas.

Hop-On Hop-Off Tours

See Cologne's best attractions with a Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. Enjoy a sightseeing tour of the city on the Rhine in a convertible bus - a pleasant open-top ride in good weather. Explore parts of the city you would probably never see on foot - in complete comfort. 13 stops offer you an opportunity to design your own individual journey of discovery in Cologne.

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