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Monday, 26-07-2021,


The nightlife in Cologne is pulsating and with more than 70 clubs and party hot spots it offers something for everybody, from jazz, reggae and R&B to techno. The countless bars, restaurants and brewhouses also invite visitors to party. No other German city has as many pubs per capita as Cologne.

The central clubbing scene has established around Zülpicher Straße and Luxemburger Straße streets. Here, in the so-called "Kwartier Latäng" (find out more: Party Mile on Zülpicher Straße), like the Quatier Latin in Paris, you can live the motto "From Pub to Pub". Plenty of clubs cater to students’ tastes and budgets in this area which is also a stronghold of the alternative scene.

From Friesenplatz (find out more: Partying around Friesenplatz) to Barbarossaplatz squares, shopping boulevards turn into a very popular going-out mile on Saturday evenings. "Die Ringe" (find out more: Clubbing on the rings), that’s how the locals call these vibrant ring streets, are the place to party with hip hop, R&B and house. 

The main areas for nightlife are allthoug the Old Town, the "Südstadt" around Chlodwigplatz and Alteburger Straße, the fashionable Belgian Quarter (find out more: Nights out in the Belgian Quarter), the original kölsche "Vringsveedel" (Severin Quarter) and the new multicultural trendy quarter of Ehrenfeld. Photo: Imago/Thilo Schmülgen

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