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Friday, 25-06-2021,

Clubbing on the Rings

The rings are, without doubt, Cologne’s going out strip. And it’s not just locals who come here to party away the night-time hours; tourists and visitors from neighbouring cities also swing by to party through to the early hours in the clubs and bars. The advantage for nightlife lovers? A huge number of clubs located in a compact area, with a wide variety of musical offerings that will meet the demands of any and all partygoers.

The area around Zülpicher Platz, on the Habsburgerring, is a firm favourite for jeans- and trainers-clad party animals. Student club Das Ding (map) as well as Cent Club (map) have no dress code – almost anything goes; only sportswear and football shirts are a no-go. Partying here is also very light on the pocket: many drinks cost just one euro or fifty cents.

The further north you head up the rings, the chicer the people milling around. Vanity (map), for example, offers a mix of dining and dancing and is the new address for sophisticated clubbing on the Hohenzollernring. Mini-dresses and chic shirts are also the preferred style in Diamonds Club (map). A few minutes’ walk away are the clubs Starz (map) and Nachtflug (map). These two nightclubs are right next to each other and are perfect for a spot of club-hopping. Crystall (map), spread over two floors and playing house and RnB, offers free entry.

51 different cocktails

Loom (map) identifies itself as a "Premium Club" and stands out thanks to its glamourous lighting concept, reminiscent of Las Vegas. Club Einundfünzig  (map) breathes a New Yorker Lounge atmosphere and is open seven days a week offering more than 51 different cocktails.

Petit Prince (map) is the spot for those who prefer hip-hop to house beats. Latin, reggae-dancehall and black music are all part of the line-up and sexy Latinas let their hips sway to the sound of salsa on Saturday nights. Privilege (map) is another top spot for fans of black music. Klapsmühle (map) is a must for those wanting to revive the Mallorca-feeling – it’s the only club on the rings to play Schlager music, carnival hits and disco fox. Photo: imago/Hoch Zwei/Angerer

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