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Friday, 25-06-2021,

Trendy partying around Friesenplatz

Friesenplatz is one of Cologne’s best-known meeting points. At least when it comes to partying that is. Well-connected to the underground network, Friesenplatz is the perfect starting point for boozy nights out in the Cathedral City.

Not far from the stop "Friesenplatz", you’ll find one packed bar after another. Party lovers will feel right at home in All Bar One (map), Alex (map), Päff (map) or Heising & Adelmann (map). And those wanting to get their hips moving can head for one of the several clubs on Friesenstraße. Goldfinger (map) is one of the hottest clubs in this neighbourhood.

Both Goldfinger and Hemingway, located close by, tempt partygoers in with free entry. No fancy-schmancy attitudes here; the "Golden Age" is celebrated here in full retro-chic style. Ringbar (map) has also long been a well-loved favourite for good cocktails and a true party atmosphere. The bar’s very own underground club keeps guests entertained with mainstream music, house and party classics.

Party with class, American-style

A few minutes‘ walk away, two former shops have been converted into a chic and hip club lounge. Entry to Flamingo Royal (map) and its sophisticated US-style ambiance is restricted to men aged 25 and over and ladies aged 21 and over. Dance and vocal house, pop and RnB are the genres of choice here. And if you need to catch your breath after a turn on the dance floor, you can take a seat on the plush leather, velvet and satin chairs and observe the crowd.

Ivory Lounge (map) describes itself as one of "The world’s finest clubs" and offers guests not only alternating DJs, but also stylish LED-light installations and video projections on the dance floor, as well as international stars who like to pay a visit to the club when in Cologne. Photo: Hardt

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