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Monday, 26-07-2021,

The old town

During World War II approximately 72 percent of the city area of Cologne was destroyed. The city centre, full of rubble, resembled a horrible battlefield - the picturesque part of the Old Town was destroyed nearly completely and had to be rebuild in drudgingly precious work. 

The Rhine panorama of the Old Town with the Cathedral, the Roman church Groß St. Martin (Great St. Martin) and the historical Town Hall has become quite popular around the world over the years. A stroll through the narrow, cobble-stoned alleys will take you back to times long ago. 

Or why not take a break and enjoy the lovely scenery? Or sit down in one of the traditional breweries, called "Brauhaus" in German, and savour a "Kölsch" and a good and solid German meal?

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