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Millowitsch Theatre. Photo: Christian Rentrop30 stages, four of which offer solely cabaret, 37 free ensembles, 14 theatres for children and young attendees plus 20 dance groups captivate their audience with most diversified programmes.

Cologne offers a wide variety of theatres. Spending an evening at the "Schauspielhaus", the official theatre of Cologne, you can experience classic plays and novels - several of them have been given awards - staged in a modern but always exciting way. If you prefer comedy, try the "Senftöpfchen" or the "Atelier Theater", where your laugh muscles will definitely be trained. If you're after something typical of Cologne, then the "Millowitsch Theater" or the "Hänneschen Theater" is the right place for you, where the actors talk in the regional dialect.

The folk theatre "Millowitsch Theater" is the most famous one in Cologne and widely known throughout the country for representing the true "Kölsche Seele", the soul of the city. It was founded in 1848, but its still lasting success started with the appearance of Willy Millowitsch in the 1940s. He became the figurehead of the theatre (and somehow the city as well) and went on acting until his death in 1999.

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